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Here's the Secret to Networking, According to a Guy Who Knows Everybody

Shayne Stephens throws around the word “authenticity” a lot. He believes it’s something we’re seeing less and less these days. “I’m a kid that’s from Winnipeg. I’m rough around the edges,” he says. “I am who I am. I say what I say and that’s fine with me.” That’s Stephens’ brand of authenticity and it’s taken him pretty far—from a hockey-playing punk in the ’Peg, through the world of publishing and into fashion, where as Marketing Director, he successfully brought Saks into Canada. Now, he’s bri
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How Peter Stanick, Pop Art Master, Pokes Fun at the Instagram Celebrity Era

Even when he began painting in the ’70s, Peter Stanick had an eye on the Information Superhighway. A Pop Art visionary, the guy pretty much wrote the book on manipulating...
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The Struts are Leading a Glam Rock Resurgence

Glam rock—that mix of theatrics, sexuality and bombast made popularized by acts like Queen—was buried by hair metal  back in the ’80s . But that doesn’t mean there aren’t bands out there trying to resurrect it. Remember The Darkness?  Now, for the first time in a while , there actually might be a band that captures the spirit of the genre, without getting smothered by the camp. Let us introduce you to the British dudes who may just be the next Rolling Stones, only more glam. That’s probably a b

12 Unconventional Romantic Movies to Watch with Your Valentine

Because you can do so much better than The Notebook . It’s not that love is bullshit, per se, but Valentine’s Day kind of is. It gives a false sense of what love actually looks like. If you have a healthy skepticism of Valentine’s Day, worry not. Here, we’ve complied a list of the best “Valentine’s Day” movies for a full-day film festival. Don’t expect to see The Notebook on this list: we need to stop letting Nicholas Sparks fool people into thinking love looks like James Garner and Gena Rowlan

Our Seven Biggest Takeaways from the 2018 Oscars

The stars of Call Me by Your Name were undoubtedly two of the best-dressed men last night. Nobody can pull off an all-white outfit quite like Timothée Chalamet, but Armie Hammer ultimately takes our best-dressed award with his velvet oxblood Giorgio Armani tuxedo. Velvet was definitely the unorthodox texture of the evening. Check Oscar Issac, Daniel Kaluuya, Matthew McConaughey, and Darren Cris, too. But unlike most who donned the fabric, Hammer decided to go with a full velvet tuxedo (much lik

Meet the Dutch Composer Behind Your Go-To Chill Piano Tracks on Spotify

As we learned from Josh Radnor, it’s never too late for a second act. Let Dutch pianist and composer, Joep Beving be further proof. Four years ago he made the transition from the advertising world to the music world at the ripe age of 38, when most men are considering moving from a sedan to a sensible SUV. Joep (pronounced like “Yoop”) first started dabbling in music when he was 14 and made his debut at his town’s jazz festival. But, like most creative endeavours, it takes an unparalleled level